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Managing Impatience

Level 2 - 7 to 9 Years

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“I’m so bored!”, “I want it now!” These are a few statements we as parents come across multiple times a day! Welcome to our battery operated and technology driven world, where virtual simulation gives kids instant gratification, that they seek even in the real world. And when they don’t get it, it results in a poor social emotional behaviour to begin with, which eventually leads to poor mental health.​​​​​​​

While this problem did not exist in our times, this generation faces this issue due to the following reasons-

1. Children have forgotten the habit of waiting and are used to instant gratification

2. Virtual world is a constant high due to over-stimulation, which leads to impatience and loss of attention span

3. In these times of over-abundance, kids’ demands are instantly met

4. Less contact with other kids and more with gadgets

When kids don’t get what they want instantly, it negatively effects their confidence and self-esteem, leading them to believe they are worthless. This plays out poorly in their lives, as they lose their decision-making ability and intuition. They lean on others to run their lives, which substantially effects their chances of leading a successful, happy and fulfilled life.

So what can we, as parents, do about it? While cutting them off their devices has other negative effects, we have to live alongside them. But we can definitely give them tools to develop patience and delay gratification.

This has many benefits like-

1. They would be able to make wiser decisions as they would tend to be less impulsive. 

2. Patience is fundamentally tied to success in academic, professional, and social settings later in life.

3. Patient children inherently learn things like self-control, respect, mindfulness and courtesy along the way. 

4. They will make friends more easily and have the drive to stick with projects and activities they start.

5. They will also be able to cope with anger more easily when they don’t get what they want.

In this program your child will learn techniques to be patient through a story, an animation, worksheets and affirmations. This is a very important habit to cultivate from a young age. If kids learn to be patient in their early stages of life, they will know how to handle tricky and important situations that come up later in their teenage and adolescence. They will have a better understanding of situations, and they will not succumb to peer pressure and thus make better choices, leading happy and fulfilled lives.

Course Curriculum

What parents have to say...


Parents agree that our courses improved focus and concentration in their children.


Parents noticed an improvement in the emotional health and anger management in their kids.


Parents agree that our courses helped their kids with stress-management and sleep quality.

Course Benefits

Better mental health & high emotional intelligence for your kids at an early age.

Patience is directly linked to higher success during adulthood - High paid jobs and more stable career!

Better communication skills which leads to good relationships and deeper friendships.

These techniques develop the heart center and kids are able to empathise, apologise, forgive & forget and help others.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.”

–Frederick Douglass

Why You Should Enrol Now...

Major Contributor To Success

Irrespective of what your kid chooses to pursue, fundamentally we want them to be calm, relaxed, responsible and fruitful in whatever they choose to do. Meditation gives them the tools to delay gratification, which helps them persevere towards what they want to accomplish.

'3E' Content

Easy, Effective and Enjoyable! You will get access to world class content that your children can practice regularly. When practiced diligently, it is proven to bring desired results. Upon completion, your child will also receive a certificate from BodhiShishu.

A Priceless Gift!

Gifting your child the BodhiShishu program shall improve their focus and attention span, make them calm and relaxed, and help them grow into happy individuals with fulfilled and wholesome lives. When they see through their success in the future, they shall see YOU.

Course Feedback

Check your child's patience quotient

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Unique Course Features

No Time Restrictions

No more missing classes! Enjoy unlimited life-time access 24x7. Once you enrol, you will have the luxury of going through the course at your time and convenience, without the pressure of missing out!

We Are Here!

You are not alone in your journey. We understand that while practicing you might have a lot of questions. We are always here to assist you and clarify your queries. Please feel free to reach out to us to ask any questions.

BodhiShishu Certified

Upon completion of course, we will share a schedule that can be followed to maximise benefits. Your child will also get a certificate of completion from BodhiShishu, which can be treasured for life!

Emotions Matter. Give your kids the right tools to succeed!

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