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Foundation Course- Emotion Awareness

Level 1- 4 to 6 Years

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If you think that having a high IQ is enough for your child's success, think again! After studying the lives of many successful people, psychologists all over the globe unanimously agree that a high IQ contributes about 10% to success, at best 25%. Of the rest, the majority is contributed by Emotional Intelligence (EI), also known as Emotional Quotient (EQ), which is one of the tangible outcomes of this course.

This is a 21 Days Comprehensive program that will help children be aware of their emotions. They would then be able to recognise emotions, label them, and as a final step, manage and overcome tough emotions like anger, frustration, jealousy, fear and insecurities.

The age-appropriate tools and techniques provided here will help kids develop positive emotions like empathy, gratitude, kindness, love, compassion, which help reduce tantrums and anger bouts. Having developed positive emotions and learnt to manage tough emotions, kids are able to have better health, successful careers, good communication skills, healthier relationships and deep friendships. All of these skills are critical for a successful life.

With the technique taught in this program, they will be able to calm themselves in stressful situations, which results in better decision making, high focus and clarity of thought and action. Practicing these techniques, they develop their heart center, which helps them empathise, forgive and forget- and this helps them have a good mental health.

So in this program, kids will learn kids will learn about emotions through-

A captivating Story

Fun Technique- Clay Meditation

Emotion Awareness Activity

Affirmations & Worksheets

By spending just 5 minutes a day, parents have noticed a huge improvement in the way kids manage tough emotions.

Course Curriculum

What parents have to say...


Parents agree that our courses improved focus and concentration in their children.


Parents noticed an improvement in the emotional health and anger management in their kids.


Parents agree that our courses helped their kids with stress-management and sleep quality.

Course Benefits

Better mental health and stress management for kids at an early age.

High emotional intelligence, which is a major contributor to success, thriving career and fulfilled life.

Better control on emotions which leads to good relationships and deeper friendships.

The technique develops the heart center and kids are able to regulate & diffuse their emotions in a healthy manner.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.”

–Frederick Douglass

Why You Should Enrol Now...

Major Contributor To Success

Irrespective of what your kid chooses to pursue, fundamentally we want them to be calm, relaxed, responsible and fruitful in whatever they choose to do. Meditation gives them the tools to delay gratification, which helps them persevere towards what they want to accomplish.

'3E' Content

Easy, Effective and Enjoyable! You will get access to world class content that your children can practice regularly. When practiced diligently, it is proven to bring desired results. Upon completion, your child will also receive a certificate from BodhiShishu.

A Priceless Gift!

Gifting your child the BodhiShishu program shall improve their focus and attention span, make them calm and relaxed, and help them grow into happy individuals with fulfilled and wholesome lives. When they see through their success in the future, they shall see YOU.

Course Feedback

check your child's emotion quotient

Take the Test for FREE!

Unique Course Features

No Time Restrictions

No more missing classes! Enjoy unlimited life-time access 24x7. Once you enrol, you will have the luxury of going through the course at your time and convenience, without the pressure of missing out!

We Are Here!

You are not alone in your journey. We understand that while practicing you might have a lot of questions. We are always here to assist you and clarify your queries. Please feel free to reach out to us to ask any questions.

BodhiShishu Certified

Upon completion of course, we will share a schedule that can be followed to maximise benefits. Your child will also get a certificate of completion from BodhiShishu, which can be treasured for life!

How to Access your Course

After successful purchase, this item would be added to your courses. After logging in you can access the course in your Dashboard. If you have any trouble accessing your course, please write to us at bodhishishu@gmail.com

Emotions Matter. Give your kids the right tools to succeed!

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