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Meditation for Kids and Conscious Parents' Community!

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Stress Management
  • Building Confidence

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Delivering 21st Century Skills that Matter

We, as parents, want to give nothing less than the best to our kids. We give them the best education, utmost comfort and the best environment possible within our means. We want to do everything we can to set them on the path to success. But do we give them the best mindset? We definitely teach them values like honesty, sincerity and the fruits of hard-work. But do we tell them how to deal with anger, frustration, jealousy and other tough emotions? In these times, where instant gratification is adversely affecting our children’s mental health, are we giving them the tools to stay calm, happy and focused?

Founded in 2019 and incubated at Stanford and IIM-Bangalore's NSRCEL, BodhiShishu offers age appropriate, structured programs to help kids unleash their full potential. Our programs are specifically designed for kids in the age group of 4 to 12 years. We complement conventional schooling by providing Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) for overall development of children. 

We use the play and learn methodology, to make our techniques fun and highly effective. We work closely with parents and schools to help kids acquire high emotional intelligence, manage stress & anxiety and improve attention span & focus. Through our well designed programs, kids have experienced a better social, emotional, physical, mental and academic improvement.

Our Courses

Explained through animations, stories, worksheets, guided imageries and music, our courses would help kids manage negative emotions like anger, stress, anxiety, fear, jealousy, insecurity and at the same time develop positive emotions like empathy, love, compassion, gratitude and kindness. Help your kids lead a happy, joyous and fulfilled life! Start early!

Developing Empathy (4 to 6 Years)

Managing Anger (4 to 6 Years)

Managing Impatience (7 to 9 Years)

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This course changed so many aspects of my child's life…

"My child has enjoyed every single minute of this training and has come away feeling confident and stress-free. The course structure, the instructors and the methodology were all fantastic"

Our Tools

Stories & Animations

We use age-appropriate captivating stories to make our courses fun for kids. Set in an environment that they can relate to, children associate themselves with the hero of the story, and want to emulate them, thereby imbibing essential character traits.

Activity Based Secular Techniques

Based on the play-and-learn methodology, all our courses consist of fun and effective techniques to give the kids a multi-sensory, immersive experience, making the techniques enjoyable for them. All our techniques are secular.

Worksheets & Guided Imagery

Our courses consist of engaging worksheets that help kids retrospect, affirmation cards and audios that help instil positive qualities, guided imageries for stress relief and relaxation and many more.

Why BodhiShishu- Tangible Outcomes

Focus and Concentration


Confidence and Self-Worth







This is what we should really teach our kids. These are lifeskills that every individual must have, & giving them to our kids from a young age makes sense.

By Ragini Matreja

My 8 year old is loving this course. She has been very stressed due to the pandemic, and through the techniques, this course is helping her deal with it. Great job!

By Shankar Sharma

The techniques shared in the course have helped my child manage anger, & be more calm & relaxed. The stories are very captivating & relatable. We play them over & over again!

By Rachel Menezes

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Enrich your child's life with the right tools...

To be successful takes creativity, flexibility, self-control, and discipline. Central to all those are executive functions, including mentally playing with ideas, giving a considered rather than an impulsive response, and staying focused. BodhiShishu's courses give your child these tools. 

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